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Friday, November 11, 2011

Budget Cuts Will Cut Our Defenses Too!

I was reading my colleague’s blog post Cutting Defense in the Face of Trillions which discusses the possible budget cuts the Department of Defense may face. My colleague Alex brings up several valid points in her blog. I agree that without a solid army intact, our country is left a little more vulnerable. After reading an article on the DOD website about the devastating impact budget cutting could have, I believe along with Alex that this is definitely not the way to go. 

The economy is already at a devastating low. Cutting budgets means cutting jobs, which in turn means fewer people to defend our country and a rise in the percentage of people who may become unemployed. Alex mentions in her blog that without enough personnel to monitor our security, then we are less likely to extract important information that could prevent another attack on our soil.  I think an attack on our country could cause millions of tax payer’s dollars leaving our country even deeper in debt. Department of Defense Press Secretary George Little is quoted saying, “We’re not talking about just military jobs, we’re also talking about jobs in the private sector that support the innovation and creativity and capabilities that we need to keep America strong.” He also goes to mention that this cut could downsize our Army, Marine Corps, and Navy to the smallest it has been in nearly 100 years. 

 Alex brings up a great point in that they should start cutting budgets in less necessary departments. First and foremost however is keeping our nation armed and protected. The DOD's already cut budget is manageable, but an even bigger cut will force the decision on whether fiscal security and national security are higher importance over the other.

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