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Friday, October 14, 2011

Unemployment Crisis

 Did we drop the ball on unemployment? That’s what Nicholas D. Kristof discusses in an article that appeals to any American in need of the answer to this question.  Most people who follow politics know that most topics discussed are anything but how to fix the unemployment crisis.

Nicholas D. Kristof, a graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University, won two Pulitzers Prizes, as well as several other awards, and has been working as a columnist for the New York Times since 2001. His initial start for the New York Times was in 1984, where he focused on covering the economy and presidential politics. He was also the author of the chapter on George W. Bush in the book, “The Presidents”.

How can we point out the obvious to our government? Kristof mentions in his article that when Americans are polled on the issues that they care most about, a two-to-one margin is jobs.  The economy will not survive if unemployment rates increase and more families become part of the poorer class. While many Americans struggle to make ends meet, the rest of economy continues to dwindle. This domino effect should be reason to place this issue higher on the agenda.  President Obama has been saying all the right things about how to fix the unemployment crisis, but far too meekly according to Kristof, while the Republican Government is saying the wrong things altogether. 

What most of us should fear is a permanent recession. As we continue to follow the Republican Party presidential debates, we should really focus on the person who will do the most to revive our country. The going will keep getting tough, and the tough will run out of ways to keep going. 

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